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5sos: Our favourite person on the face of the earth…
ashtonirwin: Sweet baby Jesus…

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New merch outside of the stadium in Toronto! - excessivescreaming

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Zayn arriving at Chiltern Firehouse. (31/7/14)

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@Luke5SOS: AMNESIA VIDEO IS OUT http://t.co/44123jH64C

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Never Be Lyrics - 5sos (my edit) +

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So, how about we all take a small moment of our lovely day and let harry’s lips be the death of us ‘cause, hey, why not. 


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itsadamnponyshirt mentioned you in a post “horansd whenever I do that it looks like I have brushed it in three…”

horansd whenever I do that…

1. section hair parallel to your forehead, about 2 inches in, and twice again 1 inch apart. leave 1 inch nearest the forehead untouched, just lie it over your face.

2. add a light amount of dry shampoo to each section, as you do each section.

3. backcomb using a comb with small gaps between the teeth, so like one with tight teeth.

4. lightly spray hairspray onto each section as you go along.

5. flip each section back into place except the front untouched section. gently comb these sections until they are as neat as can be.

6. flip the front untouched section into place and gently comb. add small spritzes of hairspray until desired hold is achieved.


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San Jose Series: "Use Somebody" Pt 2